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Wo ist meine Datei .CRW mit den Testergebnissen?

  • Search your hard drive on your cmputer for crw files using the file explorer: press Windows Key + e , search for .crw
  • The file is named something like 12345-30.07.2018-13.57.crw
    This means client number 12345, test recorded on July 30th 2018 at 1:59 PM
  • Look here:
     c:\users\myComputerLoginName\qik\data  on most computers
  • on older computers c:\qik\data

Where is the software install file for the QIKtest device?

The QIKtest software is in the download section of this website.

I need to change an entry by my client in Symptom Tracking.

On the Symptom Tracking page for your client, select "Edit Severity Entries". Each row represents one set of symptom ratings for one date. Select one using "Edit". Symptoms correspond to id1 to id25, and the symptom severity is to the right. Edit the number between 1 and 10, or 14 for not available. Click "Update", then "Exit" to return to Expert.

My QIKtest device can't be charged at all!
Older units and units that have not been used for a long time may have defective batteries. Please contact BeeMedic to send in your device to have the batteries exchanged. If your unit is outside of the guarantee time, a skilled electronics serviceperson can replace the batteries. 

My client isn't receiving Email reminders.
Please ensure your client check the inbox spam folders of his or her email program. 
Please ensure your client "whitelists" (alllows) emails from service@mysymptomtracking.net.
Please send your client a test email from the remote user section. If it doesn't arrive, contact support.

I forgot my username :)
Please contact us at EEG Expert. We can only contact you via the Email address you registered with us on the site. 

Retrieving the CRW test result file from the QIKtest device didn't work. What do I do now?
As long as you haven't done another test on the QIKtest device, please retrieve it again. This works in most cases.

Symptom Tracking Remote suddenly stopped working.
In Symptom Tracking, we implemented a usage window of one year from setup. Check the details on the remote user page on the upper right hand corner. To add an extra free year, turn the remote function off and immediately turn the remote function on again. Repeat as often as you like. 
When a client doesn't respond for 45 days we automatically turn off remote reminders. 
When a client opts out of the reminder service, reminders are turned off.

I need more than the 25 symptom names!
Expert has 19 symptom slots  for pre-categorized symptoms to choose from and 6 freely choosable ones.
If you require more than that, please add a new client for an additional 25 symptoms to be tracked. We will happily credit your account and it will be at no extra charge. It is important to note that the charts are separate and you have to setup remote-tracking twice.

Can I change a client's number?
Changing a client's number is not supported.

My Performance Score is higher than each of the components, Speed and Consistency.
Each of the three scores is calculated against a seperate norm.
Performance Index is a combination of and calculated from Speed and Consistency Scores. In the above example, Speed is over average at 106, as is Consistency.
The combination is compared with all the other combined Performance scores, and the combined value occurs less often when compared to the full population. Thus the higher score.
In other words - the simulataneous occurrence of a good speed and a good consistency score is less often than that of the components, thus resulting in a higher score.

Can I combine accounts on EEG Expert?
Sorry, no. In cases where you absolutely have to combine accounts, please choose one account to be the main one, then recreate the clients from the old account there and re-upload the CRW files. Expert can assist you in retrieving the old CRW files.

Can I change a client's date of birth or gender?
Yes, once. Click on the wrench at the right side of the row of the client you want to change. On the main front page when you login, called Client List. For further changes please contact Expert.

Are QIKtest and the reports, and Symtpom Tracking only useful for Neurofeedback?
No, the tests and reports can be used in a wide range of medical applications, including Neurology, Psychology, Pediatrics and are not limited to Neurofeedback.

How many times can I change the data of the client/patient?
Once. If you require a further change, please email EEG Expert using the form

Can Remote Clients Access My EEG Expert Account Using Symptom Tracking?
Remote clients may access their symptom tracking page by visiting MySymptomTracking.com and using their username and password to login.
Under no circumstances does the client password give access for your therapist account. However, if your client is logging onto their account on your computer, make sure to LOG OFF of your therapist account beforehand.
If you connect to a client remote tracking session without logging out of your clinician session in the same browser (e.g. another tab), you will not end your clinician session. In this way it may look as though you are giving a client more access than you intended.

Printing Symptom List
How to print the list of symptoms from Symptom Tracking in EEG Expert:
    Log into EEG Expert
    Find the client you want to use Symptom Tracking with in your client list. If you have not yet added your client to EEG Expert, click on >>Add a new client.
    Under your client listing, click on the link, >> Setup client.
    Next to Step 1, Click on the green button that says View All Symptoms
    Click on the green button that says Print for your client.
Note: This list can only be accessed if you have not yet completed the symptom tracking set up. If initial set-up has been done and you wish to reset the symptom tracking for that client, click on the Reset link at the bottom of the page. You will lose all Symptom Tracking data for that client.

New EEG Expert Norms
  •  Has a very large norm base of over 20,000 records for unprecedented accuracy! No more annoying age groups where norm data is unreliable.
  • The new norm is current: The underlying data has been collected entirely in this century starting in 2004. In contrast to other norms that were collected in the 1970s, this norm takes into account today's usage of video games and smart phones in an interruption-based society.
  • Uses a mathematical population-based approach to replaces the Gaussian approximation typically used. We are introducing the strong measurement of "Outliers" for long reaction times to enhance analysis resolution.
The new report of EEG Expert introduces easier-to-use indices with the new Performance Index and the new Accuracy Index, easily readable in large font and intuitive graphics. The parameters you are used to are still there, but we packaged them with a fresh new overview. Finally, we present a working solution to the earlier problem where very few omission or commission errors have occurred causing scores to react counter-intuitively.

QIKTest - Choosing a Test: CPT Visual vs. A - F Tests
Choosing Qik CPT Visual:
Only the CPT Visual test is normed. It is a full 20 minute test, plus a 2-minute practice test. If you give the full CPT, you can upload the results to EEG Expert and get a full multi-page report.
Choosing a Performance Test (A - F):
All the other tests are short "performance tests" that are meant to be used session by session. These test are not uploaded to EEG Expert. They will have a practice effect, but we expect to also see the effect of neurofeedback, as well as other substances and behaviors superimposed on that learning curve. There are 3 different versions of each performance test, so people do not memorize the order. Tests A, B and, C are equivalent and tests D, E, and F are also equivalent.

Why Am I Not Receiving a Full Report When I Upload My Results to EEG Expert?
EEG Expert can only create a full report from a full 20 minute CPT Visual Test. The 2-minute test (practice test) and the Performance tests (A - F) are not intended for use with EEG Expert. Check to make sure this is the test you are using.

General Problems with QIKtest Software; Additional Tips
-make sure Windows is fully updated. How to do this
- it could be the USB port or QIK Test cable. Please try a different USB port on your computer and another cable.
- is the battery full on the QIK Test?

QIKtest Software startet nicht?
Versuchen Sie bitte, einen aufgeladenes QIKtest Gerät in die USB Buchse zu stecken und DANN das Programm Qiktest-Software zu starten.

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