QIKtest Software
Usage: to retrieve test results from QIKtest device to PC. For most QIKtest devices with USB

   Current QIK software for PC
   Installer for Windows, latest version, download here:

Save to your hard disk and run this installer by double-clicking on the saved .exe file.
If you are having problems with running this software, do this:
  1. turn off any virus scanners like defender etc.
  2. uninstall old qiktest software
  3. restart computer
  4. install newest qiktest software as admnistrator

old link from Beemedic,
4.09 addresses issue with Java errors on first or second run of software.

Click here to download installer V4.0.7
 New language supported: Turkish, March 2019
 Installer and Program languages EN, DE, FR, ES, TR
 Requirement: PC computer. No Mac, sorry:(
Download old version V4.0.6
Download old version V4.0.4


For older QIKtest devices:
Version 1.9
Version 2.0 Click here to download
Version 3.4 Click here to download
QIKtest devices with a serial port (Serial Number: 001 - 299) can only be used with Windows 32-bit operating systems. These operating systems are compatible with QIK Test software version 1.9 ONLY. Currently, beeMedic only supports Windows 7, 32-bit.   To run a serial QIK Test on a newer operating system, you will need to purchase a special adapter from beeMedic. This adapter requires software version 4.0.4 or later.

PDF Reader

Program used to read the downloaded reports in PDF format. Here are two popular readers:
Portable Document Format is good for printing and saving on your computer and has the file ending xyz.pdf

How to Take the QIKtest, Video

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