QIKtest Software

Usage: to retrieve test results from QIKtest device to PC.
For most QIKtest devices - with USB

Click here to download installer V4.0.7
 New language supported: Turkish, March 2019
 Installer and Program languages EN, DE, FR, ES, TR
 Requirement: PC computer. No Mac, sorry:(

Download old version V4.0.6
Download old version V4.0.4


For older QIKtest devices:
Version 1.9
Version 2.0 Click here to download
Version 3.4 Click here to download
QIKtest devices with a serial port (Serial Number: 001 - 299) can only be used with Windows 32-bit operating systems. These operating systems are compatible with QIK Test software version 1.9 ONLY. Currently, beeMedic only supports Windows 7, 32-bit.   To run a serial QIK Test on a newer operating system, you will need to purchase a special adapter from beeMedic. This adapter requires software version 4.0.4 or later.

PDF Reader

Program used to read the downloaded reports in PDF format. Here are two popular readers:
Portable Document Format is good for printing and saving on your computer and has the file ending xyz.pdf

How to Take the QIKtest Video