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March 23 -  EEG Expert has donated computer-server time to the project Folding at Home. Folding refers to the way human protein folds in the cells that make up your body. Server computational power is used to calculate potential matches to the virus' outside structure enabling medication discovery.

EEG Expert increases therapy quality with easy-to-use rapid testing in mental health  disciplines.  It is a comprehensive toolset for combining test results, client histories, and client progress reports.  EEG Expert is made for professional therapists and it enhances your everyday work.

News - the reference database for scoring QIKtest aka "Norm" has been updated.

Qiktest reports are based on the 20-minute Continuous Performance Test with an excellent multi-page analysis. State-of-the-art mathematics become simple to use along with the most advanced norm available in the industry.

Use Symptom Tracking to track the symptom development of your clients. Multi-dimensional graphical charts make the reports easy to read; automatic reminders per Email help your clients enter data regularly.

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EEG Expert offers unique advantages for day to day therapy and medical work.

All qualified professionals can join for free and get their first three uses free if charge. No monthly fees, just a low cost counted by client.  You can do as many tests and reports as you like with your client for one price - flatrate.

EEG Expert is an established service in operation since 2002 with hundreds of qualified professionals; over 100.000 reports have been generated.