QIKtest is a mobile handheld device for computer independant evaluation of visual and auditory Continuous Performance Tests (CPT).
Dimensions 12cm x 6.5cm and 2cm thick


  • Battery-powered ultra-flexible stand alone device for performing client progress tracking and Continuous Performance Tests with unprecedented accuracy
  • Automatic detection of Com Port configuration
  • Input: two high-endurance precision buttons, ergonomically positioned for simultaneous right and left hand input
  • Visual stimulus: high-brightness 3x3 LED array
  • Auditory stimulus: three-channel sound generator driving internal speaker as well as stereo headphones
  • Time measurement resolution 0.1msec
  • Memory holds up to 1791 stimulus responses
  • Professional Neurofeedback-specific test analysis done at EEG Expert (www.eegexpert.net)*
  • Rechargeable batteries, one charge good for more than 50 tests
  • Synchronization signal output for advanced applications and synchronization with brainwave monitoring devices
  • Developed and manufactured in Switzerland
*Symptom tracking and CPT tests with EEG Expert reports purchased individually.

Direkt link to the online shop of BeeMedic for purchase of QIKtest device

Direkt link to shop of BeeMedic for purchase of QIKtest device