The EEG Expert Report for QIKtest

Easily create visually rich reports from performance tests such as QIKtest data for a significantly better quality of interpretation and a higher impact on your clients.

Compare and organise reports e.g. before and after treatment.

Upload your CRW test result file created with the QIKtest device, then view the report generated automatically. Using the availalable PDF format of the report you can save or print the results.

The report contains these pages
  1. Description of test
    Main results
  2. Raw numerical data
    by period, section and total
  3. Chart of all response times
    by period (5), includes indication of response type
  4. Histograms
    includes norm data and anticipatory and outlier time frame
  5. Pre-Post graphs
    comparison to other tests of same client, graphical format
  6. Interpretation
    (text based)
View a full sample report here:

 View Full Sample Report                                              

EEG Expert reports are based on a non-gaussian comparative database that better describes and scores the test results.

Sample Histogram of distribution of Reaction Time results.