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Started in 2002 as an experiment in data analysis and founded in 2004, EEG Expert has grown to a professional service for therapists, delivering beautiful reports with advanced mathematics in a simple-to-use fashion.

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A special thank you goes to Dr. M. B. Sterman, UCLA, for his research about and demonstration of applications of the Continuous Performance Test, CPT.   Video  Video  History   Researchgate Sterman


Dr. Siegfried Othmer, Chief Scientist at EEG Info, Scientific Advisor
M.D.  Yanikomeroglu, Neurosurgeon, Medical Advisor & Research Management
Dr. Susan Othmer, Clinical Advisor
Many thanks to our team and the programmers and scientists involved
Multinett, Heidelberg, Germany
Yannis Christoforidis, Data Privacy & GDPR/DSGVO consultant


Susy Schmid, Switzerland
Martijn Arns, Brainquiry, The Nederlands
Center for Psychosocial Support of Adult Children Greece
Kurtis Walton, MS LPC www.alaskaneurofeedback.com
  Győri Neurofeedback Központ


2020 Neurofeedback Advocacy Project results
2008 -today Salvation Army homeless shelter in Bell video
2020 New Direction Program https://caringmagazine.org/retrain-the-brain/
https://fb.watch/2sFufJuypg/  https://fb.watch/2sFxVoCbOD/

2019 Expert supports Animal Care Üzümlü ACU
2010-2020 Expert supports
                        Deepwave e.V.   www.deepwave.org
March to June 2020 EEG Expert donates server time to medical research :We donated the unused server time and processing power of the Expert server during the height of the Covid crisis to the project Folding at Home, which uses thousands of distributed computers connected worldwide to find solutions to scientific virus challenges. It is called folding. 380417 credits generated, 360 work units solved, donator 4layla. Hope this helped! https://stats.foldingathome.org/donors

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"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom." Viktor Frankl

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