EEG Expert is a paid service.

Each client costs a one-time fee:
Depending on your region
  • USD 18 per client 
    (in the USA and Canada, or if you prefer to be billed in USD)
  • EUR 12  per client
    + VAT/MwSt if applicable 
    (all other areas, Europe, South-America, Africa, Asia)

You get three free clients
After signing up,  your account will be credited with 3 free clients for you to get acquainted with the system. You can try out the functionality; maybe even setup your first real clients.
For QIKtest reports to be generated the results from a QIKtest device are required.

What is a new client and what is included?
A new client is an area in Expert setup specifically for one of your clients, recognizable by an ID number you give and an abbreviation such as initials. The DOB and gender must be entered.
Included in each NEW CLIENT SETUP are
  • unlimited  QIKtest reports, based on uploaded QIKtest results
  • unlimited Symptom Tracking (including automatic reminders for clients, remote entry of symptom severity)
  • free email and chat support
  • clients do not expire

How do I pay?
Payment is via invoice the month after services are used. For example, enter your client on the 20th of January, and you will receive an invoice early February.
The invoice emailed to you contains a PDF attached for your reference with detailed usage information, and an online link for online payment.
ONLINE PAYMENT options are
  • Credit Cards - all major
    Optional: automatic deduction from your Credit Card  
  • Paypal
  • IBAN bank transfer (please allow 5 days for transfer and invoice reconciliation)
  • Sorry, checks not accepted
  • EEG Expert is proud to have a 0% dispute rate with credit cards

VAT as applicable by region where your practice is located. VAT is Value Added Tax, or UST Umsatzsteuer. German and European customers pay 19% UST. VAT is added to the invoice and is passed on to tax authorities. We support European Reverse Charge.
QIKtest device
Purchase of the QIKtest device is seperate from EEG Expert usage.
If you want to purchase a QIKtest device, please use the link or navigate to the subpage using the menu at the top of the page.