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EEG Expert Limited
EEG Expert Yazılım ve Raporlama Limited Şirketi

Dr. med. Zaliha Yanikomeroglu, GM
Marco Versace, Physicist

Üsküp Cd 42-5, 06690 Ankara, Turkey

 324 0944 241 Tax Number / Vergi numarası

Phone Turkey 0090 312 467 0710
Languages: English, German, Turkish
Turkey Time GMT+3 : 13h-16h
European Time GMT+1: 11h-15h
UK Time GMT: 10h-14h
USA and World: Please send a contact form message
to arrange a callback during your office hours. Don't forget to let
us know which timezone your are in

Leave a message at:
Phone Germany 0049 40 48 400 805
Phone Germany 0049 40 48 400 806
Fax Germany 0049 40 48 400 807

Email service AT eegexpert DOT net
Email for payment issues - billing AT eegexpert DOT net
Email for incoming invoices - fatura AT eegexpert DOT net


Company News July 2020
Your account on EEG Expert is migrated to our limited company in Turkey
EEG Expert Limited founded on July 8th, 2020. 
The migration does not affect our services and you can continue using EEG Expert the same way you always have. The operations, the server, the administration and programmer(s) stay the same; and especially the people behind Expert and the partner EEG Info stay unchanged. 
We moved to Turkey for the better weather and quality of life, and access to an exceptional medical system and good universities.