"Marco, It took a while for me to get to the "fix" but WOW that was simple. Thanks, so much. Your program is amazing and it is a great tool to use with my clients! I appreciate it. Adriana"
Adriana Steffens, MS Mind Matters Neurofeedback Center. 10/2008

"Thanks, Marco. Great job. I love it!"
Mark Steinberg, www.marksteinberg.com

"Thanks for the fix and reply. And thanks for EEG Expert - it's a good product."
Best, Jon

In my experience, consulting is way more difficult than most people think, and that’s even more true of tech projects. I’m guessing that you mostly hear from people only when things go wrong, and not the 99% of the time when they go right.  Thanks for spearheading all of this and for all of the unseen work you do to make things work for users like us everyday.
Doug, 2020

...thank you very much for your incredibly quick response!
RM 2023
Thank you so much Marco. :)
VIP customer from Dubai 2023

Thank you very much for your support!
And for solving the situation!
Have a really nice day!
Professor from Eastern Europe, 2024

 Thank you for your great work and commitment.
Ms. SD, USA, April 2024
I should have known that you'd be on top of it! Thanks. 

Thank you Marco for your help. Warm regards,
E. from SA

July 2024
Thank you so much for making this adjustment for me.Have a great day! Warmly, CML (USA)

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