Prices and Payment

EEG Expert is a paid service.

Patient care in terms of uploading QIKtests or creating new clients on Expert will not be interrupted with the adoption of the new billing system.

Here's a condensed description of the new payment process :
  1. Introduction of a credit based system for payment. Buy credits, these are stored in your Expert account. Then, when you create a new client, one unit is subtracted from your credit account.

  2. You are allowed to have "credit overdraft" - meaning a negative number of credits. If you fall under lower limit you can not create any new clients, but you can still use the existing ones.
    During the transition phase the limit is -10, after that it will be set based on your average monthly usage.  Transition Phase is at least until August 1st.

  3. With larger numbers of credits purchase the rebate goes up.

  4. Payment is handled through our financial partner Copecart GmbH in Germany and payment can be made through Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, ApplePay, GooglePay. Invoice comes from them.

The payment area is located next to your name and the welcome message at the top of the website after you login. Use the links to BUY credits, view your detailed USAGE stats, and a link to this INFOrmation hub you are reading right now.

QIKtest Device

Purchase of the QIKtest device is seperate from EEG Expert usage. 
Go to the purchase a QIKtest device  page.