Prices and Payment

EEG Expert is a paid service

TLDR; Here is a quick explanation of the new payment process:
  1. Introducing a credit-based system for payment. Buy credits, they will be stored in your Expert account.
  2. Then, when you create a new customer, one unit is removed from your credit account. You are allowed to have a "credit limit", which means the number of negative credits.
  3. If you fall below the lower limit, you will not be able to create new customers, but you can continue to use existing ones.
  4. When more credits are purchased, your discount automatically increases. Payment is made through our financial partner Copecart GmbH in Germany and payment is made through Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, ApplePay, GooglePay, etc
  5. Your invoice comes from the payment people, Copecart.
The payment area is located at the top of after logging in next to your name and welcome message. Use the links to BUY credits, view your detailed USAGE status, and of course also link to the INFORMATION pages you are currently reading.

QIKtest Device
Purchase of the QIKtest device is seperate from EEG Expert usage.
Direct link to the online shop of BeeMedic for purchase of QIKtest device