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EEG Expert supports academic research - please contact us about your interesting project!

We can provide you with raw data from your studies done in cooperation with
EEG Expert, both for Symptom Tracking as well as for QIKtest. 

Raw Data

Raw data can be provided in text files in CSV (comma separated values), which is easily imported into and processed by analysis programs such as Excel, SPSS, Matlab, etc. Raw data can include Symptom Severities values and QIKtest measurement  values such as omission numbers, commission error numbers and reaction time statistical data. This applies to all or to a subset of the clients in your research account.


EEG Expert is able to run large numbers of clients for these studies, but statistical significance is often achieved with a few dozen samples. Qualifying accounts may be credited with free clients to support your research work.

We require a mention of EEG Expert and the associated persons on our team on your side and on publications, and that we can publish the results in our research blog on the web-page.

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EEG Expert Projects

Past and current research projects include

  • Call for Papers - we are interested in doing a study on the circadian effects in the CPT

  • eGaming - PhD-paper 
    (in progress, 2019 )

  • Reliability study in collaboration with the  University of Mersin, Turkey
    (in progress, 2019)

  • PTSD study - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, 2013

  • Veterans Administration - Homecoming for Veterans
    Visit website
    since 2012