Payment Instructions

How to Buy Credits

Short Version:
Now there are credits in EEG Expert. 
Buy credits, then use them for new client additions in Expert.
Your credits are displayed at the top of the page in Expert.
Under the credit display there is a link called "Buy".
Select the package that fits your usage.
Continue to pay with our partner Copecart GmbH.
VAT or Sales Tax may be applied through Copecart.
Credits automatically credited to your Expert account.

How do I pay?
Expert operates with a prepaid usage system. 
Our payment fullfilment partner is Copecart GmbH in Germany. There will be no more invoices sent through Xero or EEG Expert directly for the previous month.

In your EEG Expert account, there is now a credit counter.  One credit equals one new client. You must pre-purchase credits.
The larger the package you purchase, the higher the rebate is.   When you enter a new client, the credit counter gets subracted by one.

  1. You have logged in to your Expert account
  2. Locate the credit counter at the top of the page, and below that a link called "Buy". Click on that.
  3. Confirm your Business Email Address. This is a new Email address we are requesting and saving in our database. You can separate therapist and business Emails - for example, send the invoice to your secretary/assistant; send reminders to your therapist email address. Your therapist Email address is the main one.
  4. Select a package you like by clicking on the link with 3, 6, 10 or more clients.
  5. The next page is on Copecart to complete the order. Correct any of your data, request the invoice, enter your payment data on the secure form and accept the withdrawal clause.
  6. Click "Order Now" to complete the order.
  7. Credits will be automatically allocated to your username and account on Expert, usually within 10 seconds.
  8. Reload the Expert webpage to see the new credits at the top of the page.

Payment Rules
- If you have older invoices with Xero that are not paid your account may be limited.
- Credits less than -2 will not be permitted.  You can run the credit counter down to -2 credits, after which a refill will be requested.

The order form is in the language selected in EEG Expert. Select your language in the upper right corner of the webpage.

Contact us at billing at eegexpert dot net for suggestions and support.

VAT Sales Tax
Read VAT details and information

Upon cancellation with your request your EEG Expert account we will refund the remaining credits.

The invoice will be issued by Copecart GmbH and will include a reference for EEG Expert. Please don't forget to indicate you want an invoice on the order form. Problems regarding the invoice should be addressed to  support at 
Request a replacement invoice at billing at eegexpert dot net. Don't forget to tell us your username and the payment specifics.

Prior to June 30 2020:
Payment is via invoice the month after services are used. For example, enter your client on the 20th of January, and you will receive an invoice early February.
The invoice emailed to you contains a PDF attached for your reference with detailed usage information, and an online link for online payment.
ONLINE PAYMENT options are
  • Credit Cards - all major
    Optional: automatic deduction from your Credit Card  
  • Paypal
  • IBAN bank transfer (please allow 5 days for transfer and invoice reconciliation)
  • Sorry, checks not accepted
  • EEG Expert is proud to have a 0% dispute rate with credit cards