Checking QIKtest Battery Level

Checking the battery level and charging the QIK unit

To check the battery level on the QIK test to see if you have enough charge to run a test, turn the unit off by holding down one of the buttons for a full 2 second period.

The unit will play the standard triple beep and then a single beep. At this point the unitnis off and you can release your finger from the QIK button. After that, you will hear two beeps, one high and one low.

Now, to check the power, touch a button on the front of the QIK unit while watching the lights on the top of the unit.

You will hear three beeps as the unit turns on.

For the first few seconds immediately after the unit turns on, the string of lights on the top of the unit will show the charge level.

All the lights lit up means a full or nearly full battery. Only one or no lights or a flashing light means a very low battery and the unit should be charged before running a test.

If you press a button on the unit and you hear no beep and see no lights, then most likely the unit needs to be charged.

To charge the unit, connect the USB cable to the QIK and plug the other end of the
cable into a computer that is turned on or a USB wall charger.

Make sure that the computer you are using to charge the QIK is NOT in Sleep or Hibernate mode, as the device will not receive a charge.

You will see lights scroll continuously on the top of the unit indicating that the QIK unit is charging.

When the unit is fully charged, the lights will only scroll for 10 seconds out of every minute.