New Prices for November 2022

EEG Expert LTD will be increasing prices for credits on November 15th, 2022.
This applies to all credit and package purchases.

Our prices haven't changed since 2014. That's 8 years to date. We are sorry, but the cost of everything is rising: programmer costs, server administration costs, technical work, taxes. 

Take advantage of our old prices until 11-14-2022 and stock up on credits, as they do not expire.
For package purchases of multiple credits rebates apply, and will continue to apply. 
The new prices for credits :
Old price for one credit: $18 (USD) (rebates from 3% to 11%)
New price for one credit -> $22 (USD)   (rebates from 3% up to 20%)

All prices listed above exclude any applicable VAT or sales tax