Welcome to New EEG Expert Billing

Starting August 1st, 2020
Transition Phase through July 31st

Dear therapists, practitioners and customers-

The new billing system is prepaid
Introducing "Credits" - each new client you create in EEG Expert costs one credit, and you buy packages of credits from within EEG Expert beforehand. 
The larger the purchased package is, the larger the rebate. 
Your Credit Counter is displayed at the top of the EEG Expert page when you login.
You will receive an invoice and our prices haven't changed since 2014.
We support credit cards, Paypal, Euro-banking methods, and ApplePay/GooglePay. If you have been wiring us funds in Europe, you are now asked to use Sepa Lastschrift or Sofortüberweisung, or other payment methods. 

Read the instructions  and   Step-by-Step with screenshots

Postpaid is being phased out
A postpaid billing system is when you use a service, then receive an invoice, then pay it.
The postpaid system with the invoices sent from Xero.com and processed by Stripe is being phased out.  Please settle your unpaid invoices, sent to you in PDF format through the Xero service, by the end of the month. Thank you. You may receive an final postpaid invoice for July 2020.

Transition Phase through July 31, 2020
We will allow your credit counter to fall into the negative for learning the new prepaid system. Please buy credits by the end of the month.
In August we will be limiting accounts with open old invoices, and we will apply a low-credit limit of -1. To ease the transition contact us for a free transition credit.

If you like tables...
Credits expire?Buy CreditsIn-voice 
Old Invoicing until July 14 only- - - - -
Tran-sitionJuly 15-31dis-
  ✔  -5  ✔  noby the end of the month
Aug 1st 2020
no  ✔  -1  ✔

*The Low-Credit Counter is the number your credit counter is allowed to to down to before you must buy new credits. You will be reminded at counter levels of 1 and below.
*Dynamic  Low-Credit  means that if you have a high average monthly usage there will be a lower Low-Credit allowance. E.g. you use 20 tests a month on average, we will allow -20 as  your lowest permissable Credit counter. Please "fill up" your credits regularly. Buy 2 months worth to get higher rebates.

-fresh customers receive 3 free new clients
-no increase in prices
-one client includes as many QIKtest reports, Symptomtracking and QT short test reports as you need.

We have decided to discontinue the free analysis of the short 2-minute tests. Please add a new client for one credit to access reports of this kind.
-> If you are a heavy 2-minute test user please contact us for some free clients for your transition.

 The motivation for these changes are 
  • to achieve a 100% correct matching of payments to invoices to services
  • to lower the cost of reconciliation
  • to achieve less admnistration overhead
  • simpler compliance to European and worldwide VAT laws.

  Read the instructions  and  Step-by-Step with screenshots