Price Plans

Preface - On EEG Expert, you will create an account for yourself to manage your clients. This main account is free and does not expire and is tied to your name and email address.
Reaction time tests as used in the QIKtest device (sold seperately) are based on the Continuous Performance Testing science established in the 1970s and are widely used today. 
You do the measurement of the reaction times of your clients and generate a test-data file.
Within your account, you will setup so-called clients; within these client folders you may upload the reaction time data and retrieve results.

The product you are purchasing is for the digital processing of your data:
EEG Expert provides the digital service of receiving these files and analysing them based on mathematical statistics and our database of reaction times, and then generating a report with charts and numbers.

You receive a digital report with our visualisation of the reaction times in the format of a 7 page PDF.



A. Each client costs a one-time fee:
Depending on your region
  • USD 22 per client   (USA and Canada,  billed in EUR )
  • EUR 18  per client  + VAT/MwSt/Sales Tax if applicable
    (World without North America, billed in EUR)

B. You get three free clients to start with
After signing up, your account will be credited with 3 free clients for you to get acquainted with the system. You can try out the functionality; maybe even setup your first real clients. These 3 clients stay in your account and are not removed by us.
For these reports to be generated, the results from a QIKtest device are required.

C. What is a new client and what is included?
A new client is an area in Expert created specifically for one (of your) clients, recognizable by an ID number you give and an abbreviation such as initials. The DOB and gender must be entered.
Included in each NEW CLIENT SETUP are
  • unlimited QIKtest reports, based on uploaded QIKtest results
  • free email support
  • clients do not expire